The Vineyard

At present we produce Colltor Syrah and Picapoll Negre, Colltor Merlot and Mando.


We planted our first vines in 2001: Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the last few years we have also added the autochthonous varieties: Picapoll negre, Mando, Picapoll blanc and Macabeo . Our next phase in development is to produce a white wine from the Picapoll blanc and the Macabeu. Colltor covers about 10ha, of which 4.5ha are under vines and the rest is woodland. We process the grapes and make our wines in the small bodega attached to the farmhouse. The wine is stored there, until it is bottled and aged in the original cellar under the house.

Logo of Pla De Bages

We are a member of the DO Pla de BAGES and la Ruta del Vi (the Wine Route). Visits to the bodega can be booked directly with us. The tour is 40 minutes (approx) and involves a visit to the vineyard, the cellar and a tasting. From 2 -20 visitors.

The basic visit costs €15 per person but tailored visits with pica-pica can also be arranged for the price of €20 per person. Pre-booking required.

Image of wines