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Colltor is a 500m2 farmhouse situated 1km outside of Santa Maria d’Olo, halfway between Vic and Manresa with views of Montserrat and the Pyrennees. The farmhouse, in its natural surroundings, is one hour from the ski slopes and one hour from the coast.

Vinos Colltor's main activity is cultivating our vines, producing and comercializing the wine from them. The whole process is done in the most natural way possible.
We are also looking after the almonds, olive trees, oak trees and the original stone walls… all with the idea of recovering the habitat as it was before. You can wander through the 11 hectares of vines and woodland and see the only vineyard in Catalunya with views of Montserrat and the Pyrennees at the same time.

Our guests can also enjoy other activities such as riding, trekking, mountain biking in unique surroundings.

There is a big interest in gastronomy at Colltor-what better combination than good food accompanied by good wine! We offer a dinner service to our guests, using as much local produce as possible and also we offer a range of more exotic dishes.

Enotourism in the Colltor house and winery

This year we have officially launched our wines.

The first,70% merlot, 20% shiraz, 10% cabernet sauvignon, is our medium range wine.The merlot gives the wines body and structure. The shiraz and cabernet sauvignon brings in subtleties helped along by the American oak. An honest good wine.
Production 4000 bottles.

The second, 70% shiraz, 20% merlot, 10% cabernet sauvignon, is our top wine.In this case the shiraz contributes the potency which is perfectly balanced by the fruit and aromas of the merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Combination of American and French Alier oak.
Production: 2200 bottles.